Broke, losing home, please help..


I am the only son of my mom, and we have no money. The man she recently married was a drunk, and a drug addict, and he took all our money and left us. We have no evidence because it was all in cash. Now we just received an eviction notice, and are getting kicked out of our house. I have a part time job, but I'm lucky to get 300 a paycheck. Our rent is 900. My mom is trying to get a job, but we live in such a small town that employment is highly competitive. In addition, we found out that the drunk she was with slept with about half the women here. We've had our car tires slashed, our car bumper stolen, and our home broken into several times. When she caught him cheating, he threatened to kill her. We called the cops, but they took his side because he lied and said she was trying to take his medication (drugs). (even the cops do drugs here.) He was very violent and abusive, and out of fear that he would hurt us, and because the cops didn't listen, we stayed with him. Since he slept with so many women here who just happen to run most of the businesses here, (including the local real-estate company and our bank) they refuse service to us. We're trying to relocate, but no matter where we try to go we have to pay first and last month's rent plus a security deposit... and we have nothing! We've asked our relatives for help, but they don't want anything to do with us because we are Christians. Please help us!!!