Broke, Hopeless and Depressed

Please he, Australia

where to start. i'm a 25 year old male who has lost all hope in life i honestly dont know why i'm sticking around. I'm so depressed I've gone and got myself in to a lot of debt a few years ago and now i just cant seem to get ahead. I really want to change my life and do something with it, i have a good job that i enjoy and i seem to have a reasonable pay but it just doesn't cover the bills. I barely cover my interest at the moment after rent bills and food. I just want a start on life and after being dumped by my fiance today (on christmas of all days) I feel like i always give my all in a relationship and i end up getting hurt, this time i dont know if i'll ever be ready for a relationship again, it hurts so much i just want to die. I feel like i am stuck in a dead end town and i have no friends. I'm not a bad person and give myself and my time generously without ever asking for anything in return and yet i always seem to get the rough end of the stick. I have about 24000 dollars in debt a 1000 dollar phone bill and my car registration for about 600 dollars is due in less than 15 days. I just cant see any way out of this by myself. Any help would be so very much appreciated. If i dont start seeing this debt going somewhere soon i can see myself slipping deeper into depression. I dont want to feel this way