broke !!

Smoked fi, Europe

why am i begging ? going thru a rough patch in life, i had a ok job overseas from my home country but i got very ill while i was other there, i had to spend a few weeks in hospital, and the medical bills soon started mounting up, while i was in hospital i over stayed my visa for that country, and because i was techinicly an ilegal alien the companys insurnce company refused to refund me the money , what cash i did have i had to pay the local goverment a huge fine and bribe for over staying my visa, i managed to apply for a online loan which paid for my flight home, but now i am couch surfing at friends houses and with no money to buy basic things, and really living on peoples kindness, i am out everyday looking for work but like a lot of people in this day of age no joy , there isn't much work about, and the quick fix online loan the intrest is mounting and also the bills from being ill are half paid, so if you could see your way to donating any money to me it would be fantastic, and if u feel your donations would help some one in more need then me , then thank you for being a kind person and helping out that person, thank you for taking the time to read about my situation, be lucky!