Bitcoin Malfunction

My story is as follows.. I have been a compulsive gambler for the past year. My losses this year total about 1200$-1500$, some of it being earned and dropped, some of it being directly lost. I lost my job about a month ago, and have less than the above amount in my bank. On my last gamble, I withdrew 30$ (.1 in bitcoin money) ( However, in the midst of massive HD failure, and since i was simultaneously giving this up, I could not remember my password to my wallet, which blockchain does not save. Yesterday, in order to try to make things better myself, I wasted 90$ trying to gamble in exchange for 30$. I would really prefer to stop it all, and not get sucked into debt. If you could help with the 30$ or 90$ or anything, it would be of great help to someone who is trying to return to the person they used to be.