Need help, Savannah

I’ve always been pretty confident in myself when it came to financial business, but the universe just loves proving me wrong. I’m 27 years old and recently separated from the Navy as a Submarine Culinary Specialist. I separated mainly for personnel reasons; after 8 years I never wanted to go on a submarine again and when the opportunity came to re-enlist I declined. I had some savings, and the thought of being an ex military with both a culinary/administrative background as well as a security clearance I thought I would be set until I could take advantage of my GI bill. After repeatedly being turned down because of my lack of experience in the civilian world I was forced to look for minimum wage employment. Regardless I was still in a good position and only thought of it as a minor set back. Recently I had a blood clot in my inner ear. The temporary hearing loss in my right ear and my already poor eyesight was enough for the state to take away my driving license for 3 months. My Tricare ended 12 days before all this happened and I was forced to pay out of pocket. Now with me looking for new employment within walking distance i’m at the financial limit. I’ve turned in all my change, sold items I don’t need, turned off services which I do not need and i’m not even close to paying the rent, yet alone the energy bill. The last few weeks I have planned meals around rice and frozen/canned vegetables and peanut butter. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, i’m not just looking for financial help(though it would help), as I feel I could have done things prior to my blood clot to prevent this but also if anyone has advice it would be greatly help. I’m blank on idea’s at this point, and any help would be of use until I can take advantage of my GI bill. Thanks in advance if you can help in any way. -Nick