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Please he, Bozeman,m

I am a U.S. Army Veteran that served in Iraq. After i was medically discharged I attempted to attend college, but unfortunately my PTSD was too much of a hinderance/disadvantage and I was forced to put college prospects off. I have been trying to get treated by the VA but there is a lack of available services and facilities in Montana. Currently I am working two jobs but still cannot make enough to support my wife and 4 daughters. My wife suffers from fibromyalgia and can not work due to extreme pain. Two of my daughters have been diagnosed with sensory processing disorders. due to the challanges in my household finding a third job may cause more harm then good. I have a pile of debt that is taking away from our income on a weekly basis. I have college loans to get paying on and the VA is demanding money back from paying for college that I was unable to complete. We live in a trailer because we can not afford anything else. Now this isn't a reason for shame, but in the year we have been here the roof has leaked so bad that the water damage has moved to the walls and they are soft to the touch. There are gaps that you can see straight through outside on the roof. Our property manager has not had them repaired in almost a year. we can not keep heat in our home. We would move but we can not afford security deposit and additional rent money. We tried to buy a trailer but my credit is damaged from living well below the poverty line while serving in the army. Please help my family. We can not afford proper groceries,clothes,or toys for our children. Rent is a challenge. I would love to find a hire paying job or open my own café.