Bills and school

Depressed, Arkansas

Hi, I'm very sad to be typing this, I didn't think I'd ever have to ask anyone for money, but I am. I hope that in the good times, when I was working I gave to people in need, so I hope that some of you can help me. I am struggling with a teenage son, I have multiple health issues that make working 8hrs a day something I can't do, so since I was young I've been on SSI/SSD. Problem is, it isn't enough, I've had to overdarw my bank acct six times in the last year and pay just the minimum to keep my utilities on. I already have benefits for food, but I don't have enough work credits from SS to get any other help from them. I don't live over my means, I'm trying to graduate from college, but due to my health interferring with my classes, I have to pay for classes myself until I can show financial aid I have the grades, and I need it. I need about 200 dollars extra a month for bills. Each semester of school is 500 dollars NOT including textbooks, etc. Then when I graduate, I was intending to go into the Respiratory Therapy program at the University, and that is 30,000 by itself, and I have a school loan that I cannot pay off at this time unless I'm on my feet which is asking for 5,000 dollars. Because of my health, I've almost used all of my Pell Grants that someone is allowed to receive in their school career. (I've had to withdraw from several semesters, and if I hadn't I'd be done with college a long time ago.) With my illnesses, I've worked as much as I can, trying to be a good citizen, helping people, doing the right thing, well, I can't do anything anymore and I need some help. I've had our apt broken into twice, and once was when I was in the hospital just last year having surgery.. They got my son's Xbox 360 and all his games, all our movies and my desktop computer. Sad thing was, it was my 'friend' that did it. My fiance is tired of no money, and she broke up with me just last week. So, honestly folks, I'm tired of being hurt on top of this, and I'm really feeling like doing someting stupid, but the only reason I don't is my son, he would be angry and sad if I did anything to hurt muself. I just hate that he knows how bad I'm struggling. Maybe letting his mom take full custody would be easier... I know there is some of you out there with a few extra quarters, or a dollar or two to help, so please- if you feel it to give...You will be blessed. I don't know if this means anything, but when I receive the money, I will go to school, and upon graduation I will send a copy of my grades and report card to anyone who helped to show I did something I said I would do. It breaks my heart to ask for this. So what I'm asking for breaks down to this: 200 x 12= 2400 for a full year for bills, etc. 500+ for classes for 6 more classes=3,000+ 5,000 for my loan from school I didn't ask for any toward my Respiratory Therapy program as I felt it was too much to try to ask. However, if you feel like helping with this, please. Below is the total for everything. ___________________________________ 40,400 is needed. Now, I'm not asking for someone do donate all of this obviously, but if 40,400 people read this, and send $1, then I'll have it. If some of us could send more, then I'd really appreciate it, however, if you read this and decide that I'm worthy, then have a good day, and God Bless you!