Bills and Auto Repairs

Desperate, IN

I am a mother of an autistic son. I am in need of help with bills and car repairs. I am a private contractor for a local Medicaid Cab company. This is a self-employed position and there are expenses with it. I have 3 more years to pay on a loan for vehicle that is in need of an engine and possibly repairs on the axles. My income is determined by the fluctuation of clients needing to go to the doctor and the gas prices. Gas has hit $4.15 a gallon here and it takes a big chunk out of my income. I have been married for almost 16 years to a wonderful guy. He lost his job with a company that makes car parts the last time the economy fell. This is a small town and the economy around us is based on the car business and it is still slow. Trying to find another job has been very hard on the whole family and my low income is making it a lot harder. Losing his job and not being able to provide for us has taken a hardship on my husband. He has become very depressed and with no health insurance we cannot get help. He has gained a lot of weight and now is unable to walk very far. I am getting a little bit of help from the Government but they are telling me that they do not have a self-employed category. This means that they do not take the gas and repairs out of my income before they put it in so they are showing that I am making way more than I am. I have asked several family members for help and they cannot help. I can only hope and pray for God to provide us with a miracle because we are a month behind on our rent. Catching up will be impossible. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You in Advance, Chris