Bill induced insomnia, cash flow shortage

Vlmitch, Pennsylva

I am begging for donations to help pay my utilities, car payment and rent. I live on disability after losing my job due to a back injury. I am going to be shameless about this cuz I have just about had enough of needing money for this and that and worrying about having the phone turned off or the electric bill or having them come take my car. Every month is a nightmare of counting days till the next thing is due or goes wrong. I have a wonderful daughter who needs tuition paid every month. I want a million dollars so I can live in comfort. Not recklessly but enough so I can also give some to my relatives who are also scraping. It sucks to be poor and I am asking and believing and am positive there are kind generous souls out there to help me. I have worked real hard all my life and there's got to be more to it than this crap.. Thanks to all. Think positive!!!