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I love what i do, but not who i do for. My boss it’s a colossal tool who treats his workers like crap. I’m tired of living check to check while he tells us how we need to try these nice restaurants that cost more per meal then our weeks wages. I like crafting things. Food, cars, woodworking, i like all. I want to use that to make money for myself instead of someone else. I have 101 ideas that i could probably make a fair living off of, but they all take more to start then i can raise myself, so I’m here to ask for help. I want to make furniture. I want to brew and sell good beer. I want to make things out of leather. I want to patent my ideas and see them made. If nothing else i want to marry my girlfriend. Any help you can give, I’ll take with complete gratitude. I can’t say I’ll be able to do all my ideas, but at least i could do a couple with your help. My PayPal address is