been an advocate cost me everything whistleblower needs a miracle

Food whis, Texas

I am known as whistleblower against peanut corp who and made hundreds sick. I kept people safe from peanut butter. As a result no one hires a whistleblower and texas embarrased makes my life hell. Lost 1st home. Live in wife's moms old house bout to loose to taxes. I am ready for suicide and don't care unless I get a miracle. Phone shut off in 2 days. I saved people but can't save myself. I will die before I watch the kids have to leave and I move into a 94 huynda. State of tx hates me for making them look bad. Please help. And no I eill work to keep your food safe as long as i can, don't have money for a western union transfer fee. Please help. Need electric medication food pennyless. But I will not stick around to watch kids leave as we NOTHING cause I tried to help. Kenneth.