Basic Needs for Survival

GoingDown, Illinois

Recently I was declared permanently disabled (no not saying that just to try and get your emotional chain...unfortunately it just is what happened ). Right now I am in process of applying for SSD, I worked hard my whole life and now when I need help back, they are saying oh well it takes about 2 years and then you find out if you are approved or not! WHAT? sigh... oh and guess what - you can't file for unemployment because that says to one govt agency you might work and the other you cant work...sigh....i guess I understand that...what I am not understanding is how they expect me to survive for 2 years with no income! I have already exhausted my small pension (yay 3k). I just need help with basic needs - electricity, water, garbage, food, (yes i am supposed to keep seeing doctor - but they don't seem to know how I pay for one) family has been wonderful, but they can only do so much and it kills me to see them going down the tubes because of what happened to me. I am used to taking care of myself, this is so humiliating and frustrating! Anyways, if anyone would be kind enough to donate even a dollar- trust me it is more than i have in my purse - thank you for reading this long post!