Bail bribe to save Mr. Omo Kika from dying in Police continued unlawful detention

Glasgow K, Benin cit

I am the elder brother of Mr.Omo Kika who has been in unlawful detention without food and water since 27th April,2015. Omo Kika was arrested alongside three others on the 27th April,2015 in a case of kidnapping.Since the arrest,the IPO has interrogated and investigated the suspects.In the course of interrogation, the kidnapped victim was discovered to have died and the prime suspect made a confessional statement that Omo Kika was never part of the kidnappers and there has been no time in the past that Omo Kika was involved in kidnapping and he is not also involved in this case. I spoke with the IPO on phone and he confirmed that his investigation and interrogation exonerated Omo Kika.That ,we , should give some days for the tension involved in the dead knidnapped victim case to be doused before we could come for Omo Kika’s bail. The IPO gave us 13thMay,2015,to come ,bail, Omo Kika.To my utmost surprise,when my uncle(Mr.Friday Uduokhai ) and cousin(Mr.Lance Evboifo) got to the state CID,Benin city,Edo state ,Nigeria to bail Omo Kika,the IPO asked them to pay five hundred thousand naira ($2512.57)as bail bribe.My uncle , (Mr.Friday Uduokhai ) and (Mr.Lance Evoifo) who could not afford to foot their transport fare down to the Police station were downcast. I am just a common Nigerian living from hand to mouth I can not afford this high bail bribe. This is not the Ideal practice of the Nigeria Police.Bail we know is free and moreover,we do not have a dime let alone five hundred thousand naira($2512.57) as bail bribe.There is no way we can raise five hundred thousand naira(#500,000) as bail bribe ,even,if, you give us from now till 2025,most especially as bail is free.The IPO has investigated the matter and exonerated Omo Kika wouldn’t the police rather release Omo Kika on bail without asking for a bribe? Now,this is a “Killer bribe” To worsen matter,Omo Kika is the last child of my parents and no one is around to give him money or food to eat in the police cell.Which means he has not been eating since the day of his arrest,The Nigeria police is wicked and want to intentionally kill Omo Kika for the crime he never committed because he could not afford to give five hundred thousand naira($2512.57) as bail bribe. Please I need your donation, help intervene in this matter and save Omo Kika from unlawful detention,oppression,suppression,police abuse and consequently dying from the crime he never committed. I look forward for your timely donation.Thanks.