Asking for assistance in a personal matter.

Claire, Nottingha

Dear Sir / Madam, I would be very grateful if you could take time out of your busy schedules to just read this. I am writing to ask for financial assistance but not just no reason or because myself or my husband can not be bothered to work because this is not the case.I recently have been forced out of work , a job i loved, by a rather power crazy vile excuse for a human being who Owned the company,and i can do nothing about this because in the eyes of the law i have not been there long enough to make a complaint against him., My husband works all he can for myself and our 2 children. We get by . Its hard though to be honest but life is isn't it. So back to the reason i am doing this,....... I would like to start up a small Business in this area of the UK and open up a cafe, I am inspired by the different foods . I am in the process of writing up a Business plan for this and feel a lot of excitement , i have the fire in my belly again that i had lost due to the vile man who lost me my job! I will be sending this off to the bank to apply for a loan but to be honest with you i don't hold out much hope as my husband is self employed and we have a lot of difficulty getting anything in that respect. I have a creative mind and lots of enthusiasm and would love this chance and would be extremely grateful if you could see your way to helping me with this either by donating a little to me to help me raise much needed funds for my business or perhaps investing in me? i know its a lot to ask and i truly hate having to do this but i have no where else to turn. Thankyou for your time, Regards, Claire. x