Any Help With Rent Appreciated

Tucson, AZ

Hello, My post may not seem as critical as others, but I would appreciate it if anyone is willing to help. I've been living on my own since I was 18 at the same apartment complex for almost 5 years. I've been wanting to move for a while now, but couldn't afford to and couldn't find anyone with a vehicle to help move furniture. My rent has gone up significantly this last renewal because the manager told me that I would have to chose a shorter lease to pay less (doesn't make any sense, but she wouldn't change her stance) so I did and then earlier this month she said I should have chosen a longer lease to pay less. I reminded her of our conversation and she tried to backtrack and started speaking in circles because she didn't want to admit her mistake or maybe she's just trying to scam me, I don't know. I like to try to believe the best about people but I really think it's time for me to move on from this place. There are too many shady characters that live around here, it's not a very good neighborhood. Whenever I need something fixed or anthying, the request is just ignored. I know that they're supposed to be legally obligated to repair stuff but they don't care. I think that because they refuse to fix anything, they may not refund my deposit because the hot water in the bathroom doesn't work or because part of the floor needs repair in the dining area (that was there when I moved in that they promised would be fixed but never was and the phone I took pictures of it with was stolen so i have no proof anymore) or some type of reason just to get out of losing money. I work full time, but as many of you know that often isn't enough. I don't spend money on anything except food, personal hygeine items, rent, utilities, and insurance and I'm scraping by every pay period. I can't afford to pay for my current rent and bills and then also pay for a new place in the same month. I just had surgery last month for a broken bone and now I'm making payments on the hospital and physician bills for that too. I would like to ask for help for donations for rent and security deposit for a new place to live. I'm hoping to rent a duplex or small house (just anything that's not in a large complex, I'm very quiet and keep to myself and my neighbors around here make me nervous because there are so many of them that seem like they don't have jobs and just watch me go in or out of my apartment) and am looking for one for no more than $525 and if the security deposit is the same that means I am looking to raise around $1000 by September. I am a very independant person and have always supported myself. I don't have parents (not since I was 3 y/o) so it's not like I can ask for assistance from family or a place to stay. I'm not used to asking for help, I like taking care of things myself, but if anyone is willing to donate I would really appreciate it. Thank you!