Kirill, Europe

Hello! Sorry, that I appeal to you for help, I am ashamed to beg. But I still hope for help. You might be surprised, but I am a simple Russian guy lived in the Chelyabinsk region. Me and my sister raised only a mother, lived modestly, constantly in need of little things. It was hard. But this did not prevent us to become honest people. My sister works at the post office, I tried to go to college on a budgetary basis of education - it has turned out. The problem is that we have never had their own housing. We share 39 square meters with a family of my aunt, we were 6 people. Anthill :) We save money for the purchase of their homes. But prices are rising every day. Incommensurate with our income. There are state of the program "Affordable Housing". But this is just a fancy name. Taunt from the state. The only hope was in the program for the support of social workers. More closed, unable to open. Food prices, too, are not worth the opportunity to save money disappears. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please help to buy a home. Although I am Russian, but I'm not your enemy, I do not universal