About to lose apartment, and phone service in the next few days.

Family of, McKee, KY

I have hit on some very. very rough times this month, due in large part to my oldest son coming to live with me after his mother was arrested and put in jail for several felony charges. When he came to live with me, it took my family of 4, who were making it on my Social Security Disablity, to a family of 5 who almost can't. I have managed to pay most of my bills, I have plenty of food in the house, and we are all clothed. The problems I am having are my rent and phone bill. I haven't been able to pay those at all, and I am behind on my phone bill to boot.. My rent is only $216.00, but when you have no money $216 is a rather large amount. I have $10 I can put toward the rent which is due Tuesday July, 19th. My past due on the phone bill is $183, and is due by Monday, July 18th, or I will lose phone service. I am not asking for an out and out hand out, I will pay this back. It may take a couple of months for everything to become stable enough to pay it back, but I will pay it back. I don't expect you to automatically believe me, based solely on my words, but that is all I have. I do not have a pay pal account, however I do have access to a Walmart if you can send a moneygram, or western union. Also the phone bill can be paid over the phone to the phone company, using a credit or debit card, or check by phone. Please do not dismiss this out of hand, I am on my last legs and this is my last hope. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can help, thank you in advance, and if not thank you for caring anyway.