a single penny could make a ocean of money

Lots of stories are available in the web site but not sure what is true. I'm writing just a feeling which is only measurable those, who feel the same pain like me or who's are jobless at the moment. I've lost my job at February 2014, then till today I've applied so many companies and beside this taking loan from all my know people to survive daily life. We are only 5members family 1.5yrs kids, Father(76yrs), Mother(58yrs), my wife n me. My parents are disabled to income so my wife slightly help to income little bit. Day by day I'm going to crazy about to get job and income money to see a smile of my family's members. But till on no light... this is tremendous painful to me to describe like a story of my critical moment, coz I'm not a writer nor a good story maker. I just want to get involved in a job. If you feel the same pain like me or faced same critical moment then u may help me a bit. My pay pal account is - smaishanto@gmail.com. Thank you for reading my feelings