A new set of teeth

Suzi, UK

This to a lot of people may not seem like a worthy cause but please read and see my reasons behind the story and how I got to where I stand today. I am 23 years old and have BAD really bad teeth. I was never taught proper oral hygiene as a child, I remember visiting the Dentist but I was very young. I have only been to the dentist since under emergency circumstances. I have holes in most teeth, but have at least 6+ missing or broken teeth, mainly on view as well. I have abscess after abscess and constant tooth ache. I do currently brush my teeth twice a day, but it's too far gone to make the difference that I need. I can't afford the dental work that I require. I was a smoker (quit 7 weeks ago) not only to stop damaging my teeth even more so, but to save money. In my current situation I'm left with no money at the end of the pay month, the extra money saved from not smoking is currently going towards paying towards getting me out of debt. The debt I am in is only small of around £1000 and I am paying this off as quick as I can. Afterwards any more saved will be put in the pot towards new teeth. I feel that my teeth hold me back in life. I currently work part-time in a call centre, I am very good at my job but know that if they were to ever consider promoting me I would only make it within the head office building, as I would be no good speaking to members of the public or business meetings with other people. The pain is also unreal. I have what seems to be a reoccurring abscess on one side of my face and it often swells up and again make's me even more embarrassed and humiliated. I will often have toothache, nearly everyday it's got to the point where a lot of painkillers make no difference. It turns me into a bad tempered person, and often causes bickering between me and my partner, because I'm just so fed up of the pain. I like to think that I am pretty, but as soon as my mouth opens it ruins the illusion. This makes me withdrawn, unsociable and just not confident at all. I'm often paranoid about what people think of me based upon my teeth, I know when I see other people with bad teeth I often think negative thought's of them as a person, and so know people do the same with me. I'm only 23 and I know that it's only a matter of time before my front teeth fall out. I can't imagine how that will make me feel and I am determined to get this problem sorted out before then. I would really appreciate any contribution big or small to my 'new teeth cause'. Like I said this may not seem worthy to people, but no one understands how bad I feel inside everyday because of my teeth. I do blame myself for not picking up on oral hygiene sooner, but I was never really given any guidance on it. I'm just glad I'm here for my daughter to give her the chance of nice beautiful not painful teeth that I never got.