a new life

Pathe als, Uk

i am trying to store money away so i can leave my abusive partner,i am sure that if i don't make the move soon i will be leaving in a box.i just want to live a quiet life without being a nervous wreck an wondering if i will take another hiding that day.the only reason i can get on the pc is because he thinks im thick and dont no how to use it plus he doesnt no that i no the password.i have no immediate family an friends think he is such a great guy.i want to get as far away as possible also i have managed to put a couple of quid away here an there because when i go shops i have to produce a reciept for everything.he also does not no that i have paypal.anything will help however small.i no there are people worse of than me but i am desperate.however thankyou for looking and may god bless you.