50 going nowhere

Angela, Atlanta

Let me begin by saying I am so happy I found this site, Maybe some one who hears my story will feel me. Well, I have been employeed with the state for 5 years now, We have not had a raise in the five years nor are we going to be recieving one in the near future, I have been currently trying to find me another job. I got married last year and we are truely stuggling, he is an independent contractor,an make only enough to keep his own head above water. I admit that life has not been a piece of cake for either one of us we both have a history of drug abuse and i even have a bit of a criminal history. The reason I am on this site is because I am 50 years old has never had anything, I got my self cleaned up So Has he me 15 years or more, him 6 years and now do my best to stay productive, when I get paid and pay my bills there's not even $200 dollars left for me to live off for the next to weeks, I have $25 in my savings, I really don't understand why I don't get a season to not want for anything to be comfortable, we have not even had a honeymoon we can afford it I waited 30 odd years to try marriage again the first time I was 15 years old. I want to be free as far as retirement, I cant even see that in 30 years from now, Work All Of My Life ??? No Peace?? I am normally not a beggar, So If there is some one that is willing to give me a chance, even a financially free job ! Iam a hard worker and a quick learner my working field is office work I do pretty good with the internet. Or if some one can find in there heart or as a tax write off donation to help us get on our feet, We pray that some one has it in there heart to do a good deed for my family, I have 8 grand children that I cant even buy christmas gifts for but I do love them. So If there is someone out there willing to help, donations can be made though my paypal account @ ang_emer@yahoo.com or contact me through email @ the same email address GOd BLESS YOU !!