21 year old single mother of two in debt, loss job, seeking help for fresh new start

Hello. I just want to be completely honest, I really don't know where to start or how to go about asking for help on this website. I've always been the type to give give give and help others if I had it, always breaking my neck to help everyone around me not knowing how to say NO sometimes. I'm kind of nervous because I don't know what to expect from this. But in the time of need friends and family are no where to be found, so i guess this is my last option. I'm 21 years old with two children ages 1 and 3 years old. I graduated high school early, received a full short-term scholarship to Mercy College of Ohio where i chose the Phlebotomy Certification program. After receiving my certificate, I was hired on spot with the hospital I received my training from as a student. I've kept this job for three years, only job I've ever had (due to my mild to severe hearing lost in both ears, in high school i had trouble finding job because of it). I was getting a lot of over time when I first started working but they cut our hours in the department so I started taking out payday loans and over drafting my bank account with my credit union to keep up with bills. I owe 4 payday loans in total of $2,000. I've constantly changed my phone number because I needed more time to pay the money back that I knew i didn't have at moment. But even then i didn't let it stress me out, kept my head high, and still went to work everyday telling myself i still had a chance to succeed in life because I know people in their 30s 40s struggling to make ends meet and with me being 21 I felt I was on the right track. But on Sept 4 2014 my second daughters first birthday I lost my job due to a domestic violence issue I've been dealing with my kids' father. My whole world came crashing down. Within same week I was admitted in hospital for chest pain. They told me I had bronchitis, anxiety, and stress. With little support no help from both fathers of my children, my family, and friends I felt alone because I always been on top, handled my business since a teenager. I gave everything away my furniture, my kids toys, clothes, and even my car to a family member all this for free, which I wasn't supposed to do because a few months ago I took a 1000 car title loan out on the car. But I had to leave and start over. I left Ohio and moved California with a good friend who told me to stay with her. When I got here I found out that my Ohio certificate was no good here because the state of California doesn't except any other state certificate. I was crushed!! So I applied for a school. The school told me financial aid doesn't cover the $1660 cost of class and its starts Oct. 24th. Keep in mind I received a scholarship in Ohio i didn't know how much this program cost. Sorry so long but basically i have no car, no job yet, in debt of $3-4,000 and I'm trying to get on my feet here in California. Also with Christmas coming I just need a boost in help. Never been the type to give up been I've been strong too long. I know there's people on here with more SERIOUS problems then me and I'm not selfish of that at all!! I will accept anything anyone can offer even a couple dollars, to help me give my girls a better life, more than what I had growing up while their still young and don't understand it yet. I'm young myself but I have a good head on my shoulders and believe that my situation will turn around I will have A1 credit, I will have a car, and I will be employed again, I will have nice house, and I will be successful. Just need help getting a head start to be on my own again. Again I have NO family support! Thank you all for taking time to read this. Really appreciate this and its hard for me to sit and search help online. I honestly didn't know they had this type of help out there. Thank you so much and if you can and will help me God bless you and I pray for blessings over you!