20 Years old living in Sweden. Just lost my job

Hello, I dont normally post on forums. Im a guy in my 20's living in Sweden in desperate need of support and advice. Yesterday I lost my job, it was a low-paying job and I was late for 10 minutes and got fired. Im searching for a new job but wont get payed until December 28th if I manage to find one (living in a low job populated city). I really want to get started getting a secure income and be able to buy my little sister christmas presents and so on. Right now I have 0 value on my bank account and I owe my dad 500 dollars. Theres no one I can lend money from and my life is falling on me. My anxiety level is now above 1000 I am open for any advice, the only catch is that I dont have any money to start earning money with. Thank you