Ragdolllo, Beaverton

Dear prospective doner, First off, I want to thank you for reading this letter of request. I have not done this before, but I really need your help to keep hubby and I housed. My husband is a good and loyal man. His last job ended after 16 years with the company. He was told just before the holidays, last year, that the company was closing. Since then he has been trying to find employment where ever he can, but the economy is truly bad here in Oregon and he has found nothing but a very part time job, which he took because he could. Now, unemployment is holding his checks and it could be up to 6 weeks before he see's any money from them. We are in arrears on our rent by 2 months and I have medical problems that I need to see a doctor for but medicare only covers some and we cannot afford even the co-pay right now. My medical issues are somewhat numerous but suffice it to say, I suffer PTSD, Severe pain and Diabetes along with a very deep depression. I cannot work but am trying to get a little business off the ground, again, on no money. Our income right now is less than $700 a month and our rent is $820 so I'm sure you can see, we truly are in need. If we cannot keep this place, we will have to live on the streets because we have no more cushion to fall back on and our credit is in ruins. My husband has worked hard for the past 30 years to make sure my daughter was raised properly and we had all the basic needs plus a little more. It is now, my turn to try to help this family out and the only way I haven't tried is by asking strangers for help. Please help me keep my health up and my husband from losing it all together by sending a donation to help my cause? Thank you, again, for your time and consideration. I know God will provide through you. Sincere Blessings to you and yours, Ragdolllover