Need Revenge

Bruce Lee, Chicago,

Ninjas killed my family. I need money for kung-fu lessons.

I desperately need a sex change

Sexy, Brooklyn,

Hello peeps, I desperately NEED a sex change operation ASAP. I've been working my tail off and saving every last penny for the last two years and yet I am still several thousand dollars short of having enough money for my operation. I've even resorted to stripping in the evenings at a local gentleman's club in the Bronx. It's been a dream of mine since I was a child to become a woman, so please, I beg you, to donate to the cause and help me fulfill my ultimate goal of becoming the sexiest woman this side of the Mississippi! Hugs and Kisses, Sexy

My Jeep Wrangler needs brakes badly.

Help my J, Schaumbur

Patrons and Fellow eBeggars, lend me your ears! Yesterday, on my way home from my minimum wage job, the brake pedal on my trusty and loyal Jeep started pulsing and grinding like I was stepping on a bag of gravel. The brakes on my Jeep have worn past the level of safety and I have no other choice but to continue to drive it around... or lose my job! Please lend a helping hand to a Jeeper in need so I can get enough to buy new parts and travel with confidence in my brakes.

Need money for studying english grammer

Nick, Chicago

I need money for studying, please do donate money for the same! I work in tech support in India and we must take schooling to be able to speak the right way to American. Please forward money to the concerned party. Thanks for looking. Please be on hold.
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