Money for college

Kevin, South Tex

Im in desperate need of money for college. Im going to UT-Austin and I'm going to need to pay up over 20 grand a year and loans are hard to come by nowadays. If you can donate, thanks

Need money to fix my keyed and egged car

Help a hi, South Tex

My car got keyed and has been egged a couple of times, and I was quoted $400 for the entire car which would be repainting of the keyed side and touch ups on the egg shell marks. Glady I am going off to UT-Austin for college and will be away from these idiots who have expressed their feelings on my poor car, but at the same time, I need to fix this before i take off to Austin as my parents are not to happy about it. As it is I don't qualify for financial aid, so I will be paying for tuition and dorm by myself, and that doesnt leave me much for "car expenses". If you find it in your heart to help someone out, than I will be accepting any amount of donations, every cent counts, especially for a high school senior who does not have a job. I would but I have responsibilities at the house and I'm in extra curricular activities at the moment along with church duties. Thanks for everything :)

Dark clouds of Money problems.

Irismarjo, The Nethe

dear reader, I try this way to reach people who might help us with a small donation, to push us into the right direction to a life without financial worries. 3 years ago we had just moved into a larger house because the one bedroom house where we lived was too small for the weekend visits of my step-children, when my husband lost his job. We thought that this term was short, but unfortunately due to the crisis there is no work for my husband, and he is still unemployed. Same time, my step-children were sent to us, and we had a 2-year trial and appellate fight to make sure that we got alimony from here and not that we had to pay here alimony for 2 children who live with us. This cosed us so much money, whit so little result that we still have to fill one financial gab with the other. I have tried a lot of different ways to get a loan from a bank or from a private person, only because i am the only one with a steady job, there is no way we will get a regular loan. The financial problems are getting worse now, and if i don't find a way to get money to pay the bills, we will loose the house. I find it harder and harder to see some light at the end of this tunnel. Every day i am scared for every car that stops in our street , thinking its the next debt collector for a big amount of money i had to pay. I hope there are some people reading this who could miss a little amount of money tho make it a little bit easier, or maybe some one who could offer us a longterm and low interest loan. Thank you for reading my story. Iris, The Netherlands.

They took my job and my money, and now I\'m so far in debt because no one would give me a leg up

The Evil , AU

It's gotten to the stage where these days, all you get is a "Aw, I'm sorry to hear that" when your job is sent overseas, and you're left to fend for your sorry self. Not only did the company who made me redundant leave me with no money, but the products I also was buying off them as a customer I had to cancel, thus incurring a larger debt. Then I had to move back home, and organise all of my other debts. Today my debts stand at $10'000AUD at least, and I'm hiding away in my bedroom from debt collectors and other nasties. This shouldn't be happening to me. I dreamt so big, and now I've fallen so far. I need this, because it's my last hope to get back on track.

Can\'t Find Job

I Refuse , Los Angel

I'm a 28 year old man and for the first time have found myself in a seemingly hopeless financial situation. I no longer have a job and cannot find anyone who will hire me. I've sent out hundreds of resumes and job applications and have had no luck. My bank account is drained. I'm down to my last $100 bucks and rent is past due as are all my other bills and there's no income!! I have no family to turn to for help. I can't sleep at night, have no appetite, and have more than once considered just jumping off the roof of my building! I intend to make it though someway, somehow. I am completely desperate at this point. If something doesn't happen in the next couple weeks, I'm going to be on the street; and the streets of LA are not where I want to be! I absolutely hate having to ask for money, but I'm desperate. If you've ever been in a situation such as this and can sympathize; then please help. Even the smallest amount will be tremendously appreciated. Thank You!
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