I need money to help pay for my medication...please

Jacob D, USA

Well I’m 21 years old and sadly still live with my parents dealing with my bipolar I really need medication for myself I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 5 years ago and have received a low amount of support financially for this diagnosis. My father and mother are both unemployed and don’t have the means to provide insurance money for my medicine that I need to pay for. I’m requesting a little money at a time and by anyone would be extremely nice and I would be gracious. I wish i was in the position to help others as I would hope I can be helped Please and thank you everyone for reading this and understanding me. Bye and have a blessed and great day.

Need to pay room rent

Need to p, INDIA

Due to Some unexpected commitments and I was cheated by few online scamming calls. I lost all my savings and past 6 months I am very much suffering to run day to day life. I never faced this kind of situation. Even I did not have money to eat my food. Request. I also unable to pay my room rent past one month. Request you to help me to pay my room rent. my room rent would be $100 per month. So please help me for the same.
Thank you very much

no license

Reamed by, Humboldt

the dmv has refused to send me my drivers license unless i jump through some rediculous hoops. i worked as a delivery driver until all this happened. i need a few hundred to keep going while i deal with this.

Want to help poor

Hello I am a 25 yr old girl from India. I want to travel to Middle East countries to volunteer the distressed child and wretched woman there. Please help me out to fulfill my goal!

U can change a life...

Hello.Im 21 boy.I need money for education and im very poor..To help me please click link below and wait 10 second.Thank u freind