Losing everything

Drowning, North Car

To whom it may concern, At 44 years old I would have hoped to be in a stable home, have a reliable car and a full time job that afforded me the basics of life. At 44 years old I have a full time job that pays for rent at a weekly hotel, gas to get to work and a little food. I guess it is my fault for staying in an abusive relationship to the point that my credit was destroyed, accumulated enough evictions to make it almost impossible to find affordable housing and left me astranged from any friends or family. Barely surviving has turned into my way of life and doable until the clutch went out on my poor little 84 toyota corolla 3 days ago. There is no public transportation to work but my job has gone out of there way to get me there for now. I have to get this taken care of. I can't lose my job but I know it's just a matter of time. In no time at all without my car I will lose my job and my housing. The stress is immeasurable and I can not bare this alone so I am here begging. $500 min. for car repair. $1450 to move and another $100 to have a tooth removed. i need $2050 to get my head above water and survive. I'm not the type of person that believes anyone owes me anything and have done nothing special to feel that I deserve any help from strangers. I just dont want to lose my job, my car or become homeless so this is my cry to the world. Please if there is anyone out there that can help a struggling fighter please donate what you can, any help will keep me afloat. Than you in advance.