Family Crisis

Dbpbabu, Ind

This is a message from our deep heart feelings, I was deeply hurted by the problems and no support to my life. I am struggling hard to save my family and to educate my children.I lost my job due to health problems and my properties lost towards my loans. Still the debts remains that cripples me and prevents me from having a normallife. I need help to further and keep survival with my wife and three children. My children are studying well but I can’t help them to further education, unable to pay their school bills. I am trying all the possible ways to lift my family, but my bad luck, all the little earned money goes to the debts interest payments. But I think no future. I am tired of being worried, stressed, unable to sleep, and being depressed. I need a financial support to get into my life and that saves my Family. Please support me and I will pay it forward when we are on our feet. Thank you for reading and your well wished contributions to lift my life. I believe in god and the help. Please help me Thanks and My best regards Paypal email id: