All Time Worst Stories

Christmas for my 13 year old son

Angela, Sylacauga

I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and had to leave work. Though I am currently trying to get disability benefits for the moment I have zero income. It's getting close to Christmas and I'm starting to wonder if I'll be able to give a little something to my son or not. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Daughter needs braces

Daughter , Portland

I need help getting braces for my daughter

to pay

Web site, Willis

im starting a website that i am in serious need of help with. my credit got so bad because of family problems that i need a little help making ends meet! i have come up with a website that will help me get me and my family out of this situation. please and thank you

My rent.

Tabitha L, Arizona

My Grandmother recently passed away and I am stuck in a house I cannot afford and cannot sell because the mortgage is underwater. I will lose the house in 3 months! Please help, I have no family and no where to go. Best wishes and kisses!

I am on my own

LonelyGur, Pennsylva

I am begging because i need to get money to live. A month in the summer i had been kicked out and lived on my own for 2 months before i went to school. I was all fine and dandy till the bills for school came around. Now i am officially broke. I am trying to go back to my commmunity college and earn some money but i have no place to go. I am homeless and poor. the only money i have is the money the government gave me to go to school but it isnt money i can use to live. So i beg you guys to help me get through this. I love helping people so i am studying psychology. Help me get my degree by donating money so that i can live and go to school! thanks so much!