A broken family of 5 trying to be Re-united. A 13 year old girl who needs her mother!!!

The Story Begins ....   This is a brief story of a 13 year old named Londyn. She was shy and timid and was very socially awkward. She loves anyone and everyone. She was the most patient kid.....UNTIL her family life went spiraling out of control. As I type this, I am in tears. She just wanted to be accepted by everyone. Her family decided to move out of state after some unfortunate family events. After moving out of state, being relocated to 6 schools in 3 years, she found herself in a different world than she was raised in from early age. Her parents lost their jobs, they were homeless living in hotels, She had 2 younger siblings at which she would babysit so her parents could hustle the next days hotel money. She would go to school from 7:00 AM, come home do homework, and then babysit till late at night. She clung to any outside world interaction she could find away from her family.  She was a straight A advanced student placed in a grade above her peers. While struggling to keep her grades with 6 school placements in such short time frames and struggling to fit in and find friends each place- Londyn became a very insecure, beat down, and feelings of hopelessness overcame her mind. Londyn had thought she was finally settling in at one of her schools UNTIL.... two girls bullied her so badly for months. She came home crying everyday while her mother would ask what was wrong... Londyn didnt want to to tell her mom what was really happening, so she would say some normal girl catty drama that happens at their age. Despite Londyn not telling her mom the truth of being manipulated and bullied by these two girls and to what extent... Her mother took it upon herself to go to the school, made several calls each week to the dean of students, as well as spoke to the principal. After 4 months, the school knew this mother very well and on a first name basis. Fast Forward.... Londyn ends up getting suspended from that school because she ended up beating this girl up that had caused all these hurtful things to her. With that being said.... I will now tell you what these 13 yearold kids did... They showed a picture of Londyn half nude to friends on her school bus, to her soccer team teammates, as well as social media (snapchat). What 13 year old girl doesnt already have enough on her plate with todays society and the constant battle to look and be in the upper crowd. Again, she just wanted to fit in.... She never asked for much, she was always humble, and loved everyone. These kids have made this child very depressed and she now has a self image complex that is very heart wrenching... As she is a very beautiful girl, inside and out. With that going on..... her family life is downward spiraling out of control because of their homeless situation, and the constant battle to make ends meet. They are a family of 5 and went from having everything to nothing in a drop of a hat due to some very jealous and hurtful immediate family members. The mothers mom, grandmother to Londyn, has always hated and tried to do harm to Londyns mother as she was growing up. There are many stories in that department.... but I am going to try and stay focused on the topic, LONDYN! Things ended up to where the family of 5 had to finally let the 3 children go to the grandmother that has always been mentally unstable with bipolar and other psychological problems, due to their financial predicament. The grandmother flew down, spent 3 thousand dollars on plane tickets to break this family up..... Why not help the family- get them back on their feet as by this time- the father had actually gotten a promised start date for 2 weeks out. But there again, you have to know this grandmother.... She is, the most evil human I know....  I have known this families family since I was born. Now at this point Londyn is starting another school.... Trying to recover from the Life changing event of the bullying, and enters into Therapy. Things start to settle in and Londyn misses her mom very much and starts to make friends with the wrong crowd.... All because she just wants to be accepted and to feel like she belongs... She seeks a stable home, she wants her family back, but her grandmother wants the opposite and is trying to keep them apart. Fast forward... Londyn has been going through a lot.... Things she never asked for... Things that are out of her control, but what is the most sad thing.... Her grandmother is keeping her from her mother. The mother of Londyn, decides she isn't able to mentally continue the constant drama, the constant battle with her family and tries to commit suicide. Honestly..... its a very great miracle that Londyn still has her mother today because she quit breathing twice, was intubated, then after the ICU hospital stay, she was admitted into a mental health facility for 5 days. Londyn had been having suicidal thoughts, self image problems, and now not able to see her mother bc the grandmother is putting the kids through mental torture. All of that, and now this use to be shy, timid, very socially awkward 13 year old has begun cutting herself because the pain she feels inside is not within her control and she wants to numb that pain by feeling it somewhere else. The grandmother has ended up placing Londyn in 3 mental health facilites, and now threatens boot camp when she is released. The mother of Londyn is fighting her mother tooth and nail to get the kids back. Londyns mother has called the child abuse hotline 3 times last week, has called the governors office, filed a complaint with the supreme courts on behalf of the grandmothers attorney and made a police report on the grandmother. Due to Londyns last cutting incident.... the grandmother called the ambulance finally after the third time that week. Once at the hospital, the grandmother made the mother stay outside so that she would not find out about the whereabouts of Londyn. Once the transport team arrived... Londyn and her mother were having to be pulled apart as they were crying for each other. A child needs to be with its mom, and for these kids to be placed in a situation that is out of their control is very disturbing.  The grandmother knows the right people and works for DHS herself as a PA. The grandmother is using her job as a leverage and is getting by with so much. I just want to ask for a small donation to help this family get reunited and away from all the drama and torture this grandmother is doing. She is harming these kids in so many ways, mentally being the worst part.  A portion of this money, I will see that it gets spent on the children for the back to school items and clothes, but the rest will go to lawyer fees they are now having to come up with to fight the family for these kids to be back in one home. The Lawyer is charging a base rate of 5k initially.... Hopefully it wont have to exceed those funds because this is a pretty open and shut case once it gets to the Judge. That day isnt till July 25th, 2018. I appreciate your time and am very thankful to the donations you are willing to give.   **You can send your donations through paypal... Here is the donation link through paypal..... DONATE **You can also send funds through the CASH app You can download this off your phone... Send the funds to user $cota2013