Youth Worker needs urgent assistance

Youth Wor, RSA

I am 42 years old and have been involved in the youth ministry for about 24 years now. I was working for the government for 18 years and due to a bad injury at work and corruption within the work place I was forced to resign my job. My medical bills and other unforeseen expenses due to that has put me into debt, which I have never had before. I have started my own business but it will be some time before I break through. My debt is just more than R170 000 (about $20 000) and my expenses are far greater than my income at the moment. This means I am unable to reduce my debt. I am desperately trying to get out of this debt situation as soon as possible as it is costing me a lot of money with interest and charges at the bank. I am working hard at my business but it takes time to grow it big enough to support me fully. I have very little money to live from and am in the process of having to sell all my furniture and stuff to live. My passion is working with young people and I want to open a youth centre to continue my work and ministry with the youth in South Africa. I am currently involved with voluntary work with some youth organizations and would like to do more than I am now. I have been offered to get involved with an organization that works with youth to uplift communities. They cannot pay me a salary and I need to clear my debt before I can get involved with them. This would enable me to really make a difference with the youth and ultimately the future of their adult lives. I am asking for your help so I can clear this debt and also have some sort of monthly support so as to be able to live my dream of helping others, especially the youth (who are the future of this beautiful country). I appreciate any donations and support you can give, and sincerely thank you in advance and pray that you will be blessed through this as well.