Very Desperate


Desperate Measures Well…its quite embarrassing to be writing on this forum, begging for charity. I could just die with the shame, but I don’t have any other option but to be here and beg like a beggar. I have never taken a single penny from anyone else all my life. I never expected life would become so difficult, its so hard to deal with it. I once was successful person. I had great family, friends, business, wealth and health. I used to help the needy and go out of my way to help others financially. However life shows all colors, from 2007 onwards I started seeing a downfall in my business. My income started to reduce day by day, it came to a point I wasn’t making enough to pay bills or put food on table. I got into a lot of debt trying to survive through recession. After 4 years of struggle, I lost my business, properties, my house, my car and most importantly my family and very dear friends. I have nothing left in my life, I get anxiety attacks . None of the people who were close to me treat me the same. I feel so low. I still have some debts to payback roughly GBP 40000. Again I feel so ashamed asking, but if anyone could help me out. I would repay back as soon as I become stable again.