Unfortunate Situation

How deeply ashamed and embarrassed I am for having to ask strangers for money but I have little choice. I would ask family for help but they are in nowhere near a position to help me. My name is James and I used to work minimum wage as a labourer for a small company but they have went under. After a very tough upbringing and being all to well acquainted with the harrowing effects of severe poverty, I just wanted to make well of my life but I have failed, and the cycle of poverty will continue. My rent arrears are growing, food is beans on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner and an all round dismal quality of life. I am asking you kind people to donate to help me get back on my feet and to help me get by during this tough time. Every single penny will make a difference. A sincere thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you a pleasant day. I'm unsure as to how this works so email: james_muse@hotmail.co.uk