Strapped for cash

Can't ma, Northern

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading this. I am currently unemployed since 6 months. I have been denied all sorts of unemployment benefits and even socal welfare. My wife has just lost her job due to a severe depression and it's unlikely she'll ever work again. Until now, we've been living of personal savings. But they're gone now. We've managed to pay all the serious stuff this month, except for rent. We live in a small place in the middle of nowhere (we rent a house) which is in dire need of repairs. But we love it. Also it's impossible to find cheaper accomodation in this part of the country. We need to raise 1000 dollars to make rent this month. I don't expect to make all of that money here, but every cent helps. If you could find it in your heart to give us a dollar or two you will have my undying gratitude. I really want my wife to be able to keep living where we live now. Everything in her life is a complete mess besides this place. I love her so much. Please, help us. God bless you for reading this.