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Regain my confidence

Rachel, Holyoke

I was often mocked by classmate because of my severe acne condition. The derm diagnose it as 'cystic acne'. This condition caused me to develop pus filled ance and deep scarring. The derm told me to get treatment asap but due to my finance constraint i'm unable to sought treatment. I hope you kindsouls will donate some money to me to regain my confidences.

University Nursing Student

Hello, I am a 3rd year nursing student, and although i work part time and my boyfriend works full time, we are still struggling to pay our bills. Any small amount is very helpful to keep our lights on! We also have a pet Lovebird whom we would love to buy some new toys. Thank you very much for your consideration!

To Clear my Debts

Help to C, India

Dear friends, I am 43 years old. For the past 20 years I am in IT field run a own business deals IT peripherals sales now a days this field also goes down I am not able to run my business profitable i met heavy loss and huge amount of debt nearly $ 10,000. I am very much afraid about my child's future. Paid the school fees is very complicated to me. Past Four years i am very much difficult to run my family. Every month i am expecting some improvement occurs in my life but months and years only passed. There is no way to gather Financial investment for my business. In my life i met only failure. Now I am studying Diploma in Acupuncture this course will be over in this month then my aim is to open Health Care Centre, to serve people, before that I want to clear all my Debts. So Please Help me to came out of my debt, I dont know my way of asking is correct or not but there is no way for me. Your small amount helps very big for my future development. All the above messages given by my good knowledge and truth. Thanking you K.Ramasubramanian Email:ramasubu2001@yahoo.com Paypal Emailid is : ramabala01@rediffmail.com

I'm in financial difficulty.

Begged in, Philippin

I am a construction laborer in our locality. I am being paid with the lowest bracket of wage earners in our country, this is how they pay the laborers in the Philippines. I have a desire to put up an internet shop business to increase my income but I couldn't do it because of my financial difficulty. My income doesn't give me a nice daily meals, but with the said business I may even also be able to pay my bills on time. Thus, I pray, in this regard, for your help and donations to make my dream comes true. Thank you and God bless you.

Dental work needed for my Mom!


Dental work needed for my Mom Please Help my mom! My mom Teeth Hurt! She have Periodontal Disease. She need Dental Implants for upper and lower, and Bone Grafts too! We live less than paycheck to paycheck with one income family. And don't have any money to do so, we just rent. Also, have tried skimped down on costs to save, but it is near impossible due to other bills piling up. I need at least $50,000 for the Dental implants to replaced all of her teeth upper and lower. My mom is a great mom and i love her so much. But we have no dental insurance at all and my mom need a whole mouth reconstruction. Because she had broken and all her back teeth are missing, the receding gum lines expose to the near root which is painful had loss her front crown and I’m working to try to save money so the i can get her an implant for her upper and lower teeth too. I’m the only one working I pay for everything and I have no family or anyone who can help me. My mom mouth is starting to get infected and I don’t even have had the money for the work to get done. Also my mom teeth keep breaking and I can not afford dental implants. Please Help I beg of anyone please I can’t lose my only family, she is all I have. Please I can’t do this on my own I need help really please I just want my mom to be healthy again so please ..please help me. Please Donate So if you have an extra buck or two, please send it my way! All I need is $1 from 50,000 people, $2 from 25,000 people, $4 from 12,500 people, $5 from 10,000 people, or $10 from 5,000 people... -You get the picture! Help me please! Together, we can get my mom her Teeth back because she hasn't smiled for 40 years. So, lets make her smile once again! Help me get my mom Dental implants upper and lower teeth so she can be without pain, and eat normally. GIVE MOM MONEY Details on how you can send MOM money! Just go to the Donation button and press it THANKS EACH AND EVERYONE FOR DOING THEIR PART IN HELPING ME OUT WITH MY MOM DENTAL IMPLANTS! :>) GOD BLESS ALL!
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