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Food, Public Transportation, Various Immediate Needs

Online La, Southern

Hi. I have been homeless and broke for months now and need help with food and public transportation. I'm new to online begging since mostly I would tough it out on the cement and beg "In-Person" near a robust mall or a local transportation hub. The issue with that is most people carry "good - new" plastic, debit or 4credit, beautiful paypal, etc. I figure it's time to take my begging to the next level that's when I discovered online begging or "Cyber Begging" ... it really saves face! So anything you can help with would be graciously appreciated... Thank you.

\'Lung Cancer\' opration for my heart touching friend \'Pratik\'

Pratik Va, Ahmedabad

I Want $2500 For My friend operation. my company is not giving salary from last 4 months i don't have money. i really need money for my friend lung cancer operation. if you want medical statement then please contact me on this email:- roythatha7@gmail.com. Please help me........ :') :')

Made redundant but found a new job. I need to pay my rent.

Chicobarl, Leigh, uk

After 2 years on sickness benefit and living off the state I secured my dream job in november2012. Last week I was made redundant with no notice, my wages and lieu of notice pay will take approx. 6-8 weeks which will be approx £1200.00 On Monday 21/10/13 I am starting a new job, the pay is monthly and the rent is now overdue, my landlord does not see that I will soon be in a positive position again in a short time, unfortunately because I rent and only worked for 12 months I can't get a bank loan, I need to pay £300 for my October rent and I am quite willing to pay back any donations, thank you in anticipation.
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