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college tuition

Running o, Philippin

my college fees have been piling up, and i have been doing jobs, for me to pay for my dues. its just that i need to pay a certain amount for me to take my exams and i have not yet save up to that amount.

I need help

May I have your attention, and help? I suffer from a pulmonary embolism. I experienced twice! In 2006.  and on may 2016. I am 39 years old. I need money for medicine. Any help is appreciated. Your little, means a lot for me. Much obliged, Srdjan.

Sick Husband and Father of Three Needs Help

Sick Husb, Middletow

I became too ill to work in November of 2012. Two specialists believe I have Crohn's disease. Since this disease has set in, I have also began experiencing neurological problems and emotional problems. I have been through many medical procedures. I see doctors on a regular basis and do weekly therapy to help me get through this hard time in my life. Prior to my illness I was working full time plus massive overtime to support my family. I have used my retirement fund and drained my bank account. I also sold my vehicle and personal belongings. I finally had to get government help. My wife currently cares for our children and does the majority of household duties due to my condition. We are hoping someone with the means to help us can help us out. We would greatly appreciate it!!! ALL MONEY DONATED WILL GO TOWARDS BILLS AND OUR CHILDREN. You can donate to our email via Paypal at neilmel123@yahoo.com
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