Random Stories

American Dream Deferred

PoorKitte, Heartland

I work 2 jobs but keep falling behind in paying bills. Now, it is to the point where the house payment is getting too difficult to pay each month. I keep making less and less each paycheck but the bills keep going higher and higher. :( So tired of scrounging. Getting very discouraged. Please help a kitten in need. Love to all!

Rent and Dental

Nichole C, Woonsocke

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading! I had worked three jobs at one point but became disabled and started recently to collect SSDI, I’m grateful for anything but it’s about half of what I made working. I still have yet to get the back pay and have bills due now, the most important is to get caught up on rent and my phone bill which I use for medical purposes since all of my doctors have that number. I also have dental work I need done very soon, I’ve had major TMJ and am not a good candidate for a partial plate so I need a root canal and three implants much to my dismay if I want this ear and headache pain to go away anytime soon. It’s starting to get cold out and I don’t want to be homeless in winter, I’ve lived in a shelter before for 6 months and don’t want to go there again. If you have any further questions and are a real person and not an overseas scam artist, you may email me at ncardillo5@yahoo.com and I can answer your questions and provide ID and other income info if you need it. I am looking for $500 for rent which is the most important obviously, and combined for all the dental work I need $3000. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated and if you can’t, then thank you for at least reading my story! -Nichole

Trying to start my own buisness

Need mone, Michigan

I'm 20 years old going to school full time and I'm trying to start my own online business. I want to open an online store which sells supplies for sugar gliders, I also would like to breed sugar gliders as well. In order to start my business I need quite a bit of money. Here is a breakdown of how much I need and what it will be used for: Getting a Tax ID- $150 Building a website- $200 Building an inventory of food/cages/accessories etc.- $2,000 Buying fleece to make cage sets- $300 Buying items to make toys with- $300 Breed mealworms to sell- $150 Buying a male sugar glider to breed- $1,000 Please help me live my dream and start my own business, I have the heart, just not the money.

I need to pay my bills and keep my weekend business

Single mo, Garner, N

I'm a single mom to a 2 year old, I do have a job and and my mother and I are working at home to make different types of baby items, jewelry, and other items for a flea market spot I have for weekends. I am struggling to keep up with my bills and have a lot of debt I was left with when I was recently left. I need more supplies for my weekend flea market business and I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to do. I cannot get a loan I have tried, and I have been using local resources such as food banks, thrift stores, and such. I might lose my weekend work which is also what my mother depends on as she isn't as well off to be able to work a regular job. I need help taking care of my daughter and my mother. $2000 would help me pay off my rent, power, insurance, and help me get enough supplies to keep my weekend business running. If anyone can help me this would turn my life around especially for my daughter. I do have a Paypal account the email address is amyznameha@aol.com. Thank you so much and I pray this gets out to the right person who can help me. Thank you.

Loss of all income and have absolute ZERO income

Mark & ma, Batesvill

Let me say this first and foremost, We have Never Begged for anything. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been put into this situation. My husband and I are well over 60 years old and both were laid off due to the economy and cut backs at both of our jobs.We applied for food stamps and were finally approved but we do not get any financial (money) aid. We applied for unemployment and got that for about 1 year until the unemployment rate dropped in the area. We have been living off of our savings and now they are completely gone, we have a total of $6.00 to our name. We are both on medications that we do not have the money to pay for and have no insurance to help there. The medications are life substaining meds . Your next words to us might be something like "get a job" or "ask family" for help. We neither one have any family left, everyone has passed away, and our kids (grown and gone) are struggling themselves and cannot give any assistance either. We are looking everyday online for work/jobs and that is the only way we can look for work since we do not have any gas for our car. We went to our church for help and they are way over their budget on charity funds (very small church). We have contacted other churches in the area and all local agencies that are suppose to be able to help and they are all "tapped out" so they cannot help either. My husband is ex-military and the V A told us that our application is on file but it will be at least another 6-9 months before they can get to our application. Now with all that said and told, we are about to lose our electric, once that happens we will no longer have any food or any internet to be able to search for jobs (which we do from morning to night). We are both disabled and have applied for our Social Security Benefits but that takes well over a year to even get them if we are eligible even and we have been to so many different doctors that they have sent us to it is almost funny. We are asking for help here since we are running out of time and do not know where else to turn to for the help we need. We live very modestly and have given up all extra's that we all so enjoy (like T.V. and dining out and fast food ect.) we are so poor that we cannot even afford personal care items,such as toliet paper, body soap,deoderant,laundry soap,paper towels and the list goes on and on. Please if you can find it within your heart to help us we would very grateful. Thank you and you have a blessed day, and thank you for taking time to read this post.