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I lost my job soon me & my family will be homeless

I am here, Bronx New

I'm a mother of two small children whom just recently lost my job. I am seeking help, any little thing Will help me and my family. I am a single mom who was in a abuse relationship. I am a Christian woman so I ask that anyone could find it in their heart to help.It would be a blessing to us

My 3 year old daughter and I will be homeless soon!

I injured my back whilst working for a removals company and they had to lay me off. I was out of work for 2 months and got way behind on the rent. My daughter lives with me and although I have got a job I only have enough hours to pay for her day care and food! I am having to eat minimal food myself just so that my daughter can eat. She's 3 years old and she isn't going to be able to understand why daddy is losing the house.. :( I have found a well paying job in another town that I can have as soon as I can move to go and live there. I have found a place we can move into which is near there but I don't have the money for the deposit and first months rent! My landlord is kicking me out at the end of this month which gives me less than 2 weeks to raise the funds to secure the new place! If I don't manage to get the money together by the end of the month I am going to have to give my daughter up to government care temporally until I can find my feet.. She would really hate that and I really don't want to make her go through that because she needs her daddy :( In total I need to raise £1100! That's £500 for the deposit and £600 for the first months rent.

I need your help. Bad Decisions.


I need you!! I am single handedly supporting my family on minimum wage with no state help. When I was younger I used store cards and loans, now I am unable to pay. I know this is my own fault. But I am being honest here, I don't know what will happen if I can not support my family. I don't know what will happen if I cant pay my bills. I just need something to hold everyone off with and would greatly appreciate the kindness and help off anyone who can. Please. Just think of all the good karma you will receive. Please help me. THANK YOU.

Need funds for electric bill and medical expenses

Emergency, Roanoke,V

I am a cancer survivor. I have lost my job a few times and I need some help to get back on my feet. I need funds for to pay an electric bill and emergency medical expenses. I have serious dental issues caused by the cancer treatement. I need some crowns and a plate. Any donation will help.

cant pay bills losing the house

Mjackson, Nc

my family is about to lose our home. we are just sinking faster and faster into debt. the only bills we have are rent and lights and a home phone. my husband is trying to do odd jobs to make ends meet. he had a good paying job but was injured and was let go. i have also been trying to find a job but with no recent work history as i have been a stay at home mom for the last seven years that no one will hire me. i have been so hopeless and am at the point where i give up. if anyone can help i am begging please consider me and my family. i just want to keep the roof over my little ones head. i thank you in advance and may god bless you.