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Need help with tuition, bills, food, rent

Desperate, Atlanta,

I can't believe I am doing this but I literally have no other options. I currently work two jobs and go to college full time and recently had to move out of my parents house. I am sleep deprived and exhausted and so tired. I don't know how much longer I can do this because it is so hard. I have to pay rent, electric, gas, college tuition and food and honestly any help I can get will be a huge help. To anyone out there reading this, I appreciate any help I can get. Please help. Please.

dont want to end up homeless

Possibled, Vancouver

Since my husband passed away 7 years ago life has spiraled. He got sick and passed, leaving me to care for our 3 kids. We had debt and no insurance. I was a stay home mom who had to now provide for our kids . We lost our home, we lost our husband and father , our dignity and now i have a huge debt of 49K . The debt we had just grew, and my inability to make enough money each month to both care for my family and keep paying off the debt didnt work. I am now at a point where bankrupcy and humiliation are pending. My kids deserved better but i couldnt provide the way dad did. To top it off i ended up with a health crisis that has me feeling like giving up. I dont want to burden my kids or anyone with these issues but i am desperate for a hand up. By the grace of god i know there are able people out here who can help...please ....I am praying this finds its way to the right and able souls. Anything will be appreciated. And yes, i do work....very hard.

Need help for school

Hi. I have been out of work for about a month and I leave Sunday for CDL training school. I really need gas and food money. My girlfriend is pregnant and due in June, so I really need to get through training and get this job. Anything will help. Thank you and god bless

For debts

Money for, Australia

Hi, I'm going to try and keep this short. Our family has been struggling since the beginning. But since my father lost his job in 2008, everythings been debt, debt and more debt. He was assulted at work, and he was the one who got fired for it. Then, years later, the guy threatened our family, resulting in a court case, which we won. We had to take a loan to pay the fees, which just added upon a ton of other debts since my father cannot find work. Our family now struggle to pay bills. My mother works and all the money she earns, plus all benefits go on bills. We sometimes struggle for food. I have never traveled further than 200km away from my house, and can't learn to drive in our 22 yo car. The sooner the bills are paid off, the more we can save to have a better life. Your generosity will be much appreciated. Thank-you, Taylor family

need food, clothes for daughter

Amyconnie, Uk

hi my name is Amy, I am now a single mum (my partner left me in massive debt and with a 3yr old daughter), last year life was perfect, I had a loving partner (I thought), we had just started own business and we had a beautiful baby girl. how quickly things went wrong, 3 months ago my partner left me (he had been cheating, using our savings and maxing out my cards). I have lost my business, my home and am in the process of going bankrupt. my beautiful daughter has just started pre-school and is in desperate need of a winter coat, waterproof shoes and some new clothes as she is growing fast. we are now in a bed sit, with nothing (I have 4.22 in my purse), if you could please find it in your heart to help, anything would be massively appreciated, I have nothing and I don't know what to do. please please please help me. god bless you. Amy