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Money to live off until mid July

Biella, USA

I'm going to be straight up honest. I just got an apartment and I had to pay the deposit, early move in fee as well as next month's fee all together. The total came to about $900. I also had to buy a bed for my apartment since I didn't have one. I got a bed with the money my mother gave me. I felt really bad taking my mom's money because I know she needs it since I know how much debt she's in. I would really love to pay her back. My debit card has around $200...saving that money for electricity bill since I have to pay a deposit for it. My credit card I have around $1200 in it and would like to reduce it and not spend on it anymore. The debt increased due to... a friend of mine's wedding was 2 hours away so I got my car checked to make sure it's fine. All my tires were terrible and was advised to get new tires. I did that and the total cost for everything from oil change to alignment cost me $600. Also, I need my eye prescription renewed, it expired more than 7 months ago. I've been wearing my contacts for those 7 months and really need to get prescription renewed, I'm so very broke right now and any money would be appreciated. I got a job starting July 2nd and won't receive any payment until mid July. Majority of the things I need to pay for like bills, have to come from a debit card and not credit card. $200 would be a good start for me and I'd hopefully be able to deal with the rest on my own. Thanks.

Desperatly need temporary help...

Please He, Pennsylva

I never thought I would have to beg -- either online or any other way. It's humiliating, but I desperately need your help. I am, for the moment, unemployed, but will begin a new job within the next couple of weeks -- and, of course, my first pay will not come for a few weeks after that. I am, at the moment, literally penniless. I do, thank God, have a place to stay, but no money for gas or food. To make my stress level worse, the day before we were to move from one state to another, my wife suddenly and unexpectedly left me -- said she was going out for food and never returned. Anything I have heard from her since has been hateful and vitriolic. So a happy holiday season is pretty much out of the question, but my concerns are more mundane: I just need a few hundred dollars to get me through the month... then I'll be able to pick up the pieces and start again. I'm now 60 years old, completely alone... and I never expected my life to be like this at 60. Anyway, a sincere wish from me to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And I will do whatever I can, once on my feet again, to take the kindnesses I have been shown, and to pay them forward. I now know what it's like. Thank you so very much...

Homeless VET Please help

Kidney transplant help

Danny, UK

Hello I am 35 years old and this is my situation. In 2008 I started a new job as a plumbing and heating engineer working in my local Zoo, It was a good job I enjoyed it very much. In the October of 2008 I began to experience very bad leg cramps that would wake me from my sleep and I was unable to stop them for several hours, I put in down to the amount of walking I walked everyday during my days work . As the weeks went on I began to dislike the taste of food then sweets(cakes, chocolate etc.) all I was able to stomach was milk and bread. In December 2008 on the 18th I began to feel very sick my cramps were bad I had terrible itching, all food was horrible to me I carried on working as this week was my shift to cover the Christmas period, on the 23rd of December I began to throw up after every time I urinated. apart from the Cramps, itching, dislike of food and throwing up I felt ok just weak. On the 25th I was unable to eat anything and was told I look dead, I should go to hospital to which I said I will be fine, on the 26th I had no choice I had to go to hospital. I arrived to hospital and told them how I felt and that I had lost 10Kgs in a week, within 20 mins I was on a drip, blood taken and taken to a ward. The next day the doctor came and told me I have kidney failure, for the next 2 years I was on dialysis to which my body did not take very well I would become unconscious almost every session of 3 times a week. I spend several stays in hospital with blood infections and a low blood count(haemoglobin). After two years I was able to have a transplant from my brother. I began to recover after 3 months I asked the doctors if I would be able to find a job and work again to which he replied yes. I began to apply for all jobs I could find I had several interviews that went great until they asked two questions, first what is that on my arm which is a fistula for dialysis, second why have I not worked for over two years and when I explained about dialysis, but I have had a transplant and am fit for work that was the last I heard from them. After 6 months of trying I decide to take and AAT accountancy course for a year, which I passed. I then started to apply for plumbing jobs and accountancy jobs with the same luck no job. Its been 3 and a half years since my transplant and my savings are gone I had to leave my house and am still unable to get employed because of my illness. I have came here as I have no where else to turn, I am looking at my future as this no one will employ me and my only choice is to start my own business. I am looking for funds to buy a van, tools, materials and to advertise my company for a period of 3 months for plumbing and bathroom installations. If you think you are able to help me get my life back on track I would be very grateful. I am able to provide my medical records if any potential donators require Many thanks for any help you can offer

After paying off debt interest no enough money to survive

Debt prob, Lonodn

I am a 31 years old woman, employed full time (better said working my tits off for a peanuts) and PhD student in economics living with my beloved partner S. in a happy relationship. That is the general view. Not bad, right? Unfortunately it's bad. Two years ago my partner had an accident. Nothing major, but kept him off work for a seven months. Sickness pay is a lough: 250 a month. We survived that undamaged with a little debt,which we almost paid off when S. lost his job last year. He is in his 40. and it's not easy for people his age with little education to find jobs nowadays. My wage unfortunately isn't enough to pay rent and feed to both of us (and a cat) so we slowly, slowly got ourselves in debt. Two months ago the biggest disaster happened - our landlord informed us that we need to move out, because he is selling the property and moving out to South Africa. And he did without giving us back security deposit for the flat we lived in. So we had to face finding a new place to live and gather money to pay deposit for new place and rent in advance. And that means only one thing - more debt. Because either of us ever took any credit we don't have almost any credit rating and all the loans we took are with high interest. Now we are 4,500 in debt and need to pay of enormous interests that will probably leave us homeless. Someone will say that is not a big debt. Maybe in relative numbers is not, but for the two of us it's a disaster as we are not able to keep up with payments. The only last resource we see is to ask strangers for help. If you can afford to donate even a dollar for us it will be the dollar that gets us closer to securing a roof over our heads this month and feed our cat. Thank you for reading our story. K and S