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Vehicle needed

Help me!, South car

Please just go to freecharitycars.org and vote for me http://www.freecharitycars.org/user/mjefferson my user name is mjefferson and my email is mryder61@yahoo.com


CosmicSlo, The Ocean

I'm in the middle of recording my first album, and my money for studio time has run out. My day job isn't enough to pay for this, and so, the e-begging begins. Every dollar counts!

ANC Dystopia ~ Complex & Ethical Ineptness and Maladministration

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Facing Eviction

Mom Needs, New Jerse

I am a mother and find myself jobless in this economy climate,which has lead me to fall back in my rent. I owe $4000 including late and attorney fees,I cannot pay.I am facing eviction within a week. I hope someone out there can hear my plea and help me,the internet is my last hope,this my life at the moment.I thank you and appreciate your assistance.

Losing home after 25 years and need deposits for a rental

Shaishai, Raleigh,N

My family was young starting out, no family support or anyone to help with providing knowledge or assistance with buying our home. About a year or two ago we started getting behind on our mortgage and wasn't sure why. Come to find out we were ripped out by the bank. It took a lot of strength for us to just say forget it because it's almost as if we hadnt paid anything on the mortgage. But we are having to move sooner than we thought and just need a little assistance with our deposits. We are lacking $600. I truly hope that someone could assist. Thank you so much for your time.
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