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I desperately need to see my boyfriend

B.B. 18, NY

Hey guys, I absolutely HAVE to go see my boyfriend ASAP. When my parents found out I was saving money to help see him after his suicide attempt they cut off all the help they were giving me to survive on my near non-existent pay. Thanks to that I now have only $35 extra to my name after bills and don't know what to do. I have no car, and no steady job. I really really really need help to go see him. I've been so worried since I heard I haven't been able to eat or sleep and I honestly considered stripping in order to help pay for my plane ticket. I just don't know what else to do...I'm really really begging here. Please Help! I'll be eternally grateful!

am in debt trap

God will , India

am in a small debt trap. but cant come out of it at my own. request kind hearts to extend whatever they can to my paypal account : balajirao03@yahoo.com. i wow about 6k USD valued (in indian rupees 3.5 lacs) to few people who are helll bent on recovering the money from me, before I die. now i have only two ways. 1.beg borrow to pay back and survive 2. else die to get rid of it. i am not a liar. Jesus will surely bless the people those help me.

\'Lung Cancer\' opration for my heart touching friend \'Pratik\'

Pratik Va, Ahmedabad

I Want $2500 For My friend operation. my company is not giving salary from last 4 months i don't have money. i really need money for my friend lung cancer operation. if you want medical statement then please contact me on this email:- roythatha7@gmail.com. Please help me........ :') :')

I need your help. Bad Decisions.


I need you!! I am single handedly supporting my family on minimum wage with no state help. When I was younger I used store cards and loans, now I am unable to pay. I know this is my own fault. But I am being honest here, I don't know what will happen if I can not support my family. I don't know what will happen if I cant pay my bills. I just need something to hold everyone off with and would greatly appreciate the kindness and help off anyone who can. Please. Just think of all the good karma you will receive. Please help me. THANK YOU.

need food

Meow00, Nh

i need food to feed my and my 2 kids i get food stamps but they are used been to food pantries but only allowed once a month and we are hungry havent eaten i 2 days please help us my paypal is meow00@rocketmail.com please send donation as a gift we just want toi eat thank you
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