Random Stories

In Debt and Struggling

Dklizzie, Wisconsin

Hello, I'm 54 years old and lost my husband to cancer several years ago. Due to hospital bills, after his passing there wasn't much insurance money left. After a couple of years (with two teenage sons) I had to either sell the house or lose it to foreclosure, I sold it but didn't gain anything with the sale. Since that time I've continued struggling. There has been no great event that has put me in financial hardship, it's been a like a snowball rolling downhill and piling up at the bottom. I do work, and actually have a pretty good job, however due to old issues I can never get above water. I owe the IRS (I did not contribute enough because I needed all I could get) - I owe student loans and have really bad credit due to being unable to pay other loans because of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I try to pay as much as possible and then don't have any food money. I know there are people out there that have had catostrophic happenings in their lives that would make my problems seem small but they don't seem small to me. All I want is to be debt free and be able to put a little away for when I can't work anymore, if anyone could help, even a little I greatly appreciate it and if I am ever in a position will 'pay it forward' to someone else.

Can\'t pay my bills

I Need He, Minnesota

I am a college graduate living on my own. I currently work in non-profit journalism and recently moved home to be with my family when my mom's cancer came back and she eventually passed away from the disease. After losing my mom, I became very ill and the doctors were unable to figure out why I was so sick. I was eventually diagnosed with a chronic disease I will have for the rest of my life. After my diagnosis, I was sent immediately to the hospital, where I spent 15 days receiving treatment. I make just enough to cover my basic bills and had been living just fine until these unexpected medical costs happened. I took off a lot of time from work during my mom's time in hospice to care for her and then following her death as I dealt with immense grief. The week I was planning to go back to work full-time I became very sick and was hospitalized. I am finally back to work full-time, feeling so much better and have found ways to cope with my grief. The medical bills I am now facing are very overwhelming and a severe stress as I try to form a normal life again. I will need a lot of medications and IV infusions for the rest of my life and it would be so helpful to leave these bills behind and start fresh in 2014 so I can manage my medical costs. I currently have more than $2,000 in medical debt and $8,000 in credit card debt from the last year. This year has been the hardest of my life. I would be so grateful for the help as I have often felt so alone dealing with this disease and losing my mom. Just knowing there are people out there who care means more than I can express.

Sick Husband and Father of Three Needs Help

Sick Husb, Middletow

I became too ill to work in November of 2012. Two specialists believe I have Crohn's disease. Since this disease has set in, I have also began experiencing neurological problems and emotional problems. I have been through many medical procedures. I see doctors on a regular basis and do weekly therapy to help me get through this hard time in my life. Prior to my illness I was working full time plus massive overtime to support my family. I have used my retirement fund and drained my bank account. I also sold my vehicle and personal belongings. I finally had to get government help. My wife currently cares for our children and does the majority of household duties due to my condition. We are hoping someone with the means to help us can help us out. We would greatly appreciate it!!! ALL MONEY DONATED WILL GO TOWARDS BILLS AND OUR CHILDREN. You can donate to our email via Paypal at neilmel123@yahoo.com

Help me to get out of debt

Injured i, London, U

Hello. I'm 22 years old and unemployed through no fault of my own. In December 2012, I had quite a nasty car crash and ended up really hurting my back. I lost my job and since then, I'm unable to find another one (apparently it looks really bad if you don't have work on your CV/Resume for 9/10 months!) I've decided, to try and help me get back into work, that I want to take a course in IT in January. However, this is going to cost me £720 (or $1145.74 if you're from the USA.) Being unemployed, it is almost impossible to raise this money and my family aren't in a financial position to help me either. I've already maxed out both my credit cards and my bank account is barely in the clear. I know this sounds a bit cliché, but every little does help and I would greatly appreciate any help that you can give. Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

Need money for suv/van

I worked for red white & blue thrift store for more than 20 years without any benefits.So when I got I'll (double pneumonia) and almost died the doctors put me on disabillty now I have only a fraction of the money for food rent lights. gas and takeing care of 3 kids.Now my SUV motor died and had to junk it the mechanic said it way too much to fix.Now I'm in need of a  SUV or van to get my kids and my grandson to school,doctors appointments all my money goes to bills we are barely getting by we get only 78.00 dollars a month in food stamps due to government cut backs. This is not enough but beggers can't be Choosey. Any help to my cause will be greatly appreciated. And my GOD BLESS YOU.