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need help to pay my bills

Hi there. I am a 22 y/o female recently diagnosed with endometriosis. I recently had surgery to help with the pains i suffer from. i need to raise around £500 in the next month to pay my bill including rent, electric and food ect this is not something id usually do but im desperate and do not want to take out a payday loan. my paypal is shannoncardwell_@hotmail.co.uk  

Single Mom wanting to make Christmas Special :)

Kaela F, Oregon

This year has been interesting. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, had to get my entire thyorid removed and go through radiation treatment. All after suddenly becoming a single mom and having to leave cosmetology college. My hope is to have a special christmas with my daughter who will be 2 in January. I know it hasn't just been me who has gone through all of this and I would like to celebrate us making it through all in one piece. I recently got the results to my Ct Scan and they weren't happy with what they saw, I think they may be waiting until after the holidays to give me the bad news, but for now I'm going to focus on the positive. I'm not asking for a lot of money, just a few dollars- anything to help me get my daughter a few gifts to open on christmas and maybe some grocery money. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and god bless. And feel free to pray for me, my daughter and I truly could use it. It's been quiet the roller coaster and I'm praying for a peaceful start to our new year.

I’m in need

I’m in need of money any amount would work I’m trying to fundraise for my jrotc program for camp at the end of the year I’m trying to help my major earn money my paypal is below please feel free to donate remeber every donation counts paypal.me/ABurns542

Help My Family Get Out Of This Hotel

Genevieve, Texas

I have been married ten years and have been blessed with five small beautiful girls that act and smell like little boys. My husband was carjacked and severely beaten in Dallas 2007. My father told us to leave Dallas and come to New Mexico. He then suffered a major stroke and we ended up taking care of him for the next two years. My husband was working at Pizza Hut at the time and I was working at a hotel. I lost my job and then my husband lost his. My mother then suffered from a double aneurysm. We had no money for the landlord and only one job prospect in Dallas with my husband’s old job and absolutely no one to help us. We had a big yard sale, sold off everything and made the decision to come back to Dallas. We filled the car with only what would fit. On the way here our car broke down. We only had so much money when we were going to Dallas and this depleted our funds. We were finally able to fix the car and make it here, but now we are staying in a hotel until we can come up with enough money get out of here. Please help with anything you can! We desperately need to get out of this hotel and get into an apartment. We also need to make repairs on our van. If this van breaks not only will we lose our only source of revenue, but we will be kicked out of the hotel and not even have a van to sleep in. Thank you for your help and even your consideration to help us during this very difficult time. I know Emily, Amy, Molly, Susy, and Gracey thank you as well.

Need funding for my mobile tool

Hello. I am a full-time working adult, who is currently supporting my sick parents. I have made numerous loans to keep their home, as well as their health. Unfortunately, my car has broken down, and I have been begging neighbors to give me rides to work back and forth, and some of them charge me. I cannot keep doing this, so I need an extra financial help to get my car to the shop, and get the transmission fixed. It may be at least $2k, because I’ve been told the parts alone are $1.5k, and my credit cards are maxed out! Please help me, internet! Thanks