Poor, robbed student looking for help

Verypoors, Poland

Hello good people I'm writing here as a measure of last resort, in the time of greatest need. I'm 22 years old college student (probably won't be able to say that soon) from Poland and recently I have lost all my savings and now I'm completely broke... A week ago, when I was gone my apartament got robbed completely. When I came back home, everything was gone: my laptop and my money. I know I shouldn't keep all of my money in the apartament and I can only blame myself for my stupidity... Police didn't find much and I don't expect them to find my stuff anyways. I can't get any other kind of help so thats why I'm asking for help here. I can't ask my parents for money, because I don't have contact with my father since I was 5, and my mother barely has the money to pay off her bills. At the moment I'm looking for a job, but it's really hard since I have a lot of classes (I'm studying mathematics) and barely have time for anything. I borrowed some money from my friends, but it won't last for long. I need to pay the rent soon, I'm completely broke and have no idea what to do now. I never felt so alone and powerless in my life. If anyone can help and send a couple of dollars, it would mean a world to me. Thanks in advance!