Please Help for Mother\'s Dream

Please He, Bangalore

Dear All, Namaste (Good Day). My name is Kiran Sharma I ‘am from Bangalore, India. I ‘am from a lower middle class family. Currently I ‘am working as accountant in a small apparel manufacturing company. I ‘am writing this here not to fulfill my dream but to fulfill my mother’s dream. My friend, my strength, my god, my life everything. From past 35+ years she have a dream of staying in an own house. Now her age is 65 years and she is suffering from thyroid. My ambition is fulfilling my mother’s dream by buying a own house in bangalore and seeing smile & joy on her face. Some people may feel this is crazy or look very simple but in a country like India, mother is treated at par with God. I ‘am running post to pillar to collect funds for buying the house but with the sky rocketing real estate prices and with my low salary even I couldn’t able to save 8% amount also. I have tried with many banks for taking loan but no bank is ready to give me loan because of my low salary range and my company is not in the bank’s reputed company’s list. I humbly request all kind hearted people here to understand my agony and try to help me. I hope there is still some humanity left in people. Please help me friends. I ‘am ready to do any of your work.