Pay back money I borrowed to pay my phone bill

Elizabeth, Salem Ore

Ok right now I am currently applying for SSI. The reasons are personal and I do not share those reasons with total strangers. Just know the reasons are legitimate. I do not have a reliable income and I recently borrowed money from my mom to pay my phone bill. she is already asking that I pay her back and it hasn't even been 24 hours since I borrowed from her. Needless to say I don't even have 20$ to even get my phone replaced so that I can take the phone call I need to get approved possibly for SSI which is sad because I need a working phone atleast one that is better working than the one I have now. I need 100$ at very most to pay off this simple loan and get my phone replaced as quickly as possible. I'm not holding out much hope that this begging thing will even go in my favor but here is to taking that chance right? When I do have the means to I always make sure to repay what I was loaned and if it is by a total stranger I always do my best to pay it forward. I am on foodstamps I will afford you that. I am embarrassed by it yes but when I have nothing else that is what I have to resort to until my luck turns around. even when I don't have the means except foodstamps. I will share a meal with a total stranger in less fortunate times than myself. I do not like to waste food and if I have half a meal left I will offer it to someone whom is out on the streets begging for change to get a meal. I have had people whom have been so appreciative of this small kindness that when they were up on their luck they have paid if forward and have even returned the kindness back to me. Please I am asking for no more than 100$ and I will do everything I can to even pay it forwards. Thank you for your kindness and generosity Elizabeth