University and housing costs

Cicero, San Diego

I am currently a business student at a University in San Diego, California. My tuition has become hard to pay and most of my money goes to the University and to my housing expenses. Things have not been easy and all I need is some help so that not only will I be able to cope with all this costs but also realize a dream of opening my own small business. With some help I will have that money to get my small business up and running and I will be able to put in practice what I am learning at school. Last year was thought for me. My father died and since then I've been struggling to just get by. My mom has to take care of my younger brother who is only 15 and I feel awful having her send me 1000 dollars every month that she cannot afford and it doesn't always cover all I need. Since my dad died I sold my car, many of my personal items at home just to raise some cash to get me through a few months. But now Im growing desperate on what to do. And thats how I searched and found this place. My school schedule keeps me busy all week and I am also working at the library every day to get a little discount on my tuition and the time at the library allows me to get my studies done as well. I have a student loan that allows me to pay as little as just 350 per month, my rent is about 500. The remaining 150 goes to monthly bus tickets, food, electricity and my home phone bill. But I need help. Please. I don't know what else to say. I need help. And one day when I am graduated, with a job, a career, with perhaps my own business being very successful I will return this favor to someone else who needs help going through school as well. Thanks,

35 yr old widow...needs help paying bills

Rmandy, San Cleme

Hello, My husband recently passed away on the 30th of March. I am a 35 yr old nursing student. I am struggling to make ends meet. Anything that you can donate would be much appreciated! God Bless!

Where does all the money go to?

Will123, Australia

I am currently working, but with rising expenses it is hard to make ends meet. Most of the time our account is in the RED. With, paying the mortgage, insurance, school for my two boys. I have been force financially to work away from home. It has got so bad that after we pay the bills I cannot afford to come home and see my wife and boys. I have negotiated a payment plan to purchase an online business in a hope to change our finances around, but have no money left over to run the business and I am using my mates internet as well to write this. I need at least $900 to keep this going. I've got no choice but to make it work. Your help would be appreciated

Help me, help myself

Xbroken-w, London

I'm not going to give you guys a sob story. I think you've read enough already! I'm trying to raise as much as i can so i can start my little weekend business. I work 6days a week and i'm just managing to scrape's going to take me way too long to save any money at this rate. I've been working in the kids entertainment business since i was 16, i know i'm good at what i do and i think it's time i stop making money for my greedy bosses and start thinking about my own future happiness. Thank you xxx Happy Monday!

Lost UI benefits and cannot pay my bills

Scared an, New York

Hello Everyone, I found out today that I no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. The benefits I was surviving on month to month without accumulating any sort of savings. I lost my job at a consultancy a year and a half ago and I am so close to landing a job and now im scared and dont know where to turn. If anyone can help me get by this month I would greatly appreciate it and am willing to provide any sort of service or support I can in return. Thank You.
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