newborn baby

Davidmazd, Washingto

hello my name is David and the reason why I am begging is because I just had a newborn baby girl on aug 9th 7lbs 18 and a half inches long. We spent alot of money on getting baby items and have no money for car payment or food. We extinguished our usual one month food supply. If anyone could help that would be wonderful.



I had a student overdraft of £3000. I had that paid off until last month when I got into online gambling. Before I knew it I had blown the lot. I got sucked in and it sounds stupid but it really doesn't 'hit you' until it's gone. It really does take a gambler to undestand. My parents are furious too, so it has affected my relationship with then. I learnt the hard way and I most definately will NOT make the same mistake again. People seriously if you havn't gambled online before, then DON'T. You are not missing out on the 'fun'! I would appreciate if you could help in anyway. I totally understand if you think I deserve losing all my money. It was ridiculously foolish :( Declan

in need of apartment asap

Noahsmomm, Jersey ci

I am currently 7 momths pregnant and I do not have a permanent place to stay. Right now I am stay somewhere illegally and I have to climb through a window in order to get in and out. My local welfare office will not help me get a place, they just give me foodstamp. I have thought about giving him up but I would never be able to do that. I need to get in my own apartment. Any money would help right now! And please before you say its not your problem, I understand however I could really use some help.

Money for college

MoneyForM, Ann Arbor

My daughter is a college student, and we were paying for most of her school. I had to take almost a 50% pay cut to stay working, and now we don't have the money to help her. We didn't qualify for enough financial aid based on my previous income level, and we are stuck in financial limbo until we can apply again. Please help us help our daughter finish school!

He left us and robbed us when he found out daughter has autism!

Natbee, Wi

We have nothing. I'm two months behind in car payment. Two months late on rent a disconnection notice and a broken heart. Our daughter had extreme. Self injurious behaviors, PICA and trouble speaing. After seeing a speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist...we received the news our daughter was autistic. He blamed the entire situation on me and cleared out all our joint accounts. Even more insane. I was breadwinner. He was stay at home parent. Didn't see this coming. Now I'm faced with eviction, repossessions, and no power. May you find it in your heart, please. I find it humiliating to be on here but I have nowhere to turn. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you.
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