New computer

Michael, Gorham, M

Just recently, my computer crapped out. I want to build my own that I know will NEVER fail me again, no matter what happens to it (save a natural disaster, fire, that kind of thing). The kind of money is pretty steep, but if everyone who sees sends just one dollar at a time, then it'll be done. I need this computer, and I cannot afford it with the kind of money I'm making from my job. I make very little money, and every cent goes to food, rent, and toiletries, leaving nothing at all for myself after everything else is said and done. My goal is 1500 dollars. If you send money, the best I can and will do in return is send you a hand-written thank you expressing my gratitude. I don't need this goal met by a certain date, but before fall would be awesome. Again, just a dollar at a time, more if you can spare it. Safety and peace to all. ~Michael