need rent to keep apartment for kids

Evictions, PA

I'm a mother of two wonderful kids who is facing eviction in 6 days. I am behind in rent by 2 and a half months. I have no current income despite the numerous temp agencies and job assistance programs. I really need help. I have a 6 year old in kindergarten and a baby who is about to turn one and I'll be lucky if we can even have a cake for him. I wish I could give them everything but right now I would do anything just to know they will continue to have a roof over their heads. This year has been a tough time for us. My baby was born in December and spent his first month of life in and out of the hospital. I stopped being able to work at my job due to the hours and my own struggle with postpartum depression. My boyfriend's unemployment ending despite them telling him he had another extension. My boyfriend got a job but then our car died. We were borrowing his mothers car but she decide we had to give it back immediately despite the fact we were getting the baby formula at that exact moment. She threatened to call the cops for GTA so we had no car to drive anywhere and he lost his job. We got our car fixed he got another job but then lost it due to someone else's mistake. He just got another job but they never called him to show up. My landlord has given us a 10 day notice. It is three days until my baby's birthday and just about Christmas. All I want is to keep a roof over their heads. I need a little more time.