My newlywed wife of 1 month (after being together for 8+yrs) just walked out on me for another man that has more money than I. Although there were a couple hints of her discretions before the wedding, the final straw was when I caught her taking nude photos of herself and sending them to a man ON OUR HONEYMOON. I am devasted. Ever since graduating from college with multiple degrees 6 yrs ago, I have been living in a state of poverty due to the economy. By poverty, I mean the actual definition of poverty according to the National average, less than 11k, way less. Because of these circumstances, my options are very limited. I cannot affort to rent an apartment by myself, and I now must pack everything and move in with my parents, whom live on the other side of the country. Anything you can donate would help to keep alive the little chance I have left to assemble an existence that isn't as disappointing as this marriage was. Im not too proud to beg, I'm hoping for anything positive at this point.