Need Money for Laptop Repair!

NeedUrHel, US

Hello and thank you for reading this. I am seeking your help with donations to pay for my laptop repair.  It is the only way that I have been able to earn my living is on this laptop and I cannot get it to boot without repair.  My goal is to raise as much of the $450 as I can. The last year has been very tough, not being able to find full time work.    I was able to offer online clerical services to a couple of individuals.  The pay is not much at all, but it was the only money that we had coming in. A few days ago my laptop locked and was not able to reboot.  I've tried every single thing I could to fix it myself, post online forums for any fix advice.  I have been unsuccessful in getting it repaired.  I simply don't have ANY money coming in and barely surviving as it is. Please consider helping, with any amount your are able to.  My Family is also depending on me to get this up and going again so we will have some money coming in to live off of.  Please help it would be deeply deeply appreciated. Thank You