Need help to have a Christmas!

Pylette, Cocoa, Fl

We just found out that we need to completely replace the brake pads and rotors on our car, it's going to cost us $1000 of money we don't have. Christmas gifts were already tentative because of bills and debts, but we thought we'd be able to do it the week before... now we won't be able to. My husband works at a restaurant and now it is slow season, so his hours have been cut. My father works as a security guard for cruise ships and his hours have been cut. My mother is on a fixed income due to disability. I have two small children, one of whom we weren't able to get her a birthday present in September, and the other one whose 1st birthday is the day after Christmas. Please, help us. Right now our options are to have something safe to drive or Christmas presents. Thank you.